You are the last survival on the Earth. The air is too polluted. You have to defend the last tree and survive as long as you can.


  • Lmb to move wherever you want.
  • Rmb to roll. Only while moving.

This game was made for the dev squad jam: one room.  

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Smell the tree to live!

i thought this was a cool little game! :D my best time was like 77 seconds haha but gave it my best shot!! damn pollution XD really awesome job on creating this game!!
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First of all Thanks for playing!

The game was made for a gamejam so I didn’t have much time. Actually I am only 14 years old and Hungarian so please forgive any english mistakes. I am still learning. I wanted to give it a shot how people like my game and as I see the most of them liked it. It’s super :D. So I am going to add more levels and stuff to do in the game. Also I have to fix the controls. When I got the idea to make this game the most important was the meaning of it. If you can survive, it fully miss the meaning I think. 

Thanks again,

Mate Pataki

The idea of the game is super cool and the premise has the potential to make the gameplay super interesting. The overly simplified aesthetic of the game and the background music create that atmosphere of loneliness.

Great work overall, but there are a few things I didn't like.

The controls. They just feel too clumsy. The roll isn't responsive enough and I didn't feel like it was doing something.

And there is not enough feedback for the player. I feel like you should notify the player in some way that what they are doing is either good or bad.

While playing you always know that you are going to die at some point and I felt that my skill or my interaction with the game wont play a significant role in keeping the player alive.

Hope the feedback will help you for your future projects. Keep up the good work and keep learning. Have fun developing!

Thanks for your feedback!

I liked this for it's simplicity.......I have a very low=end machine and it ran: GREAT!!!!

Processor : 4x AMD A4-5000 APU with Radeon(TM) HD Graphics
Memory : 3990MB (1149MB used)
Machine Type : Physical machine
Operating System : Puppy Linux
User Name : root (root)
Date/Time : Tue Jul 10 22:40:14 2018
Resolution : 1600x900 pixels
OpenGL Renderer : GeForce GT 720/PCIe/SSE2
X11 Vendor : The X.Org Foundation
-Audio Devices-
Audio Adapter : HDA-Intel - HD-Audio Generic
Audio Adapter : HDA-Intel - HDA NVidia
Audio Adapter : PC-Speaker - pcsp
-Input Devices-
 Power Button
 Power Button
 USB Optical Mouse
 HD-Audio Generic Front Mic
 HD-Audio Generic Rear Mic
 HD-Audio Generic Line
 HD-Audio Generic Line Out
 HD-Audio Generic Front Headphone
 PC Speaker
 HDA NVidia HDMI/DP,pcm : 3=
 HDA NVidia HDMI/DP,pcm : 7=
-Printers (CUPS)-
CUPS-PDF : <i>Default</i>
-SCSI Disks-


try out room 303

This game is AMAZING! Nice art style and interesting concept.

But sadly,  I only got 91 sec xd

Thanks for playing!

great game love it


Hey! Played this on my channel! :D

Thanks for playing! I really appreciate it!

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I like the graphics and gameplay.

Maybe you can improve controls by setting player to always run towards mouse.

Thanks for playing! That's a great idea for controls!

I take it there is no good way to end the game :P